What’s on your Handy-Do List?


Some of the services Handy Helping Hands offers:


• Pressuring washing driveways, walkways, or home exteriors

• Moving furniture

• Changing light bulbs

• Yard maintenance

• Painting


• Installing ceiling fans

• Hanging pictures

• Removing stumps or small trees

• Cleaning out gutters

• Repairing porches and handrails


How can you pay it forward?


Donate Re-saleable Items

Pay it forward by donating items around your home that are in good shape to the 3H Thrift Shop. The sale of these items will go toward helping other neighbors in your community.

Donate Your Time

Pay it forward by donating your time and serving at our Thrift Shop or by sharing your skills  so others in our community can benefit from your unique skills.

Tell us what’s on your Handy-Do List?


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