Community Service

Serving Richard

Russ and one of our volunteers (Sammy) helped one of Franklin’s oldest residents, Richard (who is 94) by putting new flooring in his bathroom.





Serving Eva

Eva was Russ’ first client. Russ has served Eva numerous ways including pressure cleaning her mobile home and ramp, painting, digging up a stump, and cleaning out her gutters. He’s even given her some personal training!

To pay it forward, Eva has paid for some of the services with cash, but she’s also baked several batches of brownies and donated items to the 3H Thrift Shop. She plans to volunteer at the thrift store by playing the piano for customers while they shop.

Serving Hope

Hope is 81 and a resident of Franklin. She is the primary caregiver for her ailing husband. She’s wanted to get rid of this old shed and have the items inside carted off to the dump. Russ served her, and she donated some items to the 3H Thrift Shop.

Serving Laine

Laine, 82, recently moved to Franklin from Central Florida. The mobile home she lives in needed some sprucing up so Russ pressure washed the entire exterior including her screened-in porch, cleaned out her gutters, and helped plant some shrubs in her front yard. He also dug up her old rock driveway in preparation for a new, safer paved driveway and replaced the wooden hand railings of her front porch entryway.

Laine, a former Marine and star pitcher for her senior league softball team, has already started paying it forward by helping prep the 3H Thrift shop for painting.

Service in Action

Let Eva, Cindy, and Ann share how Russ and Handy Helping Hands have already impacted their lives.

How will YOU participate?

Request Handyman Services

Whether it's painting a room, pressure washing a porch, or landscaping a walkway, our partner, Handy Helping Hands, helps with minor repairs that you just can't do.

Donate Re-saleable Items

Pay it forward by contributing clean, re-saleable items from around your home that can be re-sold in the 3H Thrift Shop at a significantly reduced rate than retail.

Volunteer Your Time

Give back by volunteering in our thrift shop, pick up items to be sold, repair contributed items, or serve a neighbor in need. All skills and eager hearts welcome!

Please note: We are not a 501(c)(3) company